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Event jen na novim servru Fantasia

Vytvořeno:24. 10. 2010, 13:10
Autor:Happy One
Anotace:hraje se o USD :D top leveleři

Title:Prove Yourself Worthy To Win Some Cold, Hard Cash!



Because we want to reward Perfect World: The Legend of Mermaid’s loyal players, we want you to win some cash! Play in Perfect World’s latest server Fantasia and be the top leveller within the given time and stand a chance to win a chunk of USD18,000 CASH Prize (*terms & conditions apply) & fabulous items !


We at Perfect World, Cubibonus and our partners at Offgamers will be awarding the top 20 highest levellers (open to all jobs) and Top Leveller for each job (total 8 jobs!) that has achieved at least level 85 in Fantasia fame and fortune! There will be a total of 28 winners for this event!

We want you to do what it takes to get to the top and if you have what it takes, your name will be enshrined in!!


Sneak preview on Leveling Promo Trailer:











Date : 25 October 2010 (Mon) till 31 December 2010 (Fri)
Time : Start – 12:00(GMT + 8) ~ End – 12:00 (GMT + 8)
Server : NEW Server – Fantasia




1. Player minimum required Level 85 and above.
2. Applicable only for new FANTASIA server.
3. For EXISTING cubizone gamers, you can create new character in Fantasia server; for NEW gamers, you can head on to , register & active for an account, create new character in fantasia server too!
4. During the event, ranking will be open to all players.
5. After the event ends, all winners listed on the Official Website will be rewarded.
6. Players can check their ranking status at official website from time to time.
7. Our official ranking announcement will update in weekly basis.
8. Calculation format will be base level. If there are many same level player, Official will be base EXP to make final judgment. (if deduce EXP cause by death will not be calculate in).



Prizes (x28 winners) :

Section (1) Top 20 Levellers

Grand Champion – Top Leveller (x1) :

- USD 10,000 CASH Prize
- 16,000 Cubits* (Sponsored by OffGamers)
- 10,000 RP (Sponsored by Cubibonus)
- PW’s Virtual Items Package x1

Consolation Prize (x19) :

- 1000 Cubits* (Sponsored by OffGamers)
- 1000 RP (Sponsored by CubiBonus)
- PW’s Virtual High-end Aviation x 1

Section (2) Each Job Top Leveller

Each Job Top Leveller (X8): (Total USD 8,000 CASH Prize)


a) Warrior : USD 1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1
b) Magician : USD 1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1


a) WereBeast: USD 1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1
b) WereFox : USD1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1

Wing Elf

a) Elf Priest : USD 1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1
b) Elf Archer: USD 1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1


a) Sorcerer: USD 1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1
b) Rogue: UDS 1,000 CASH + PW’s Virtual Items Package x1

PW’s Virtual Item Package consist of:
- Badge of Strength x 10
- Badge of Speed x 10
- Badge of Intelligent x10
- Badge of Technique x10
- Badge of Stamina x10
- Badge of Courage x10
- Badge of Fearless x10

*Character honors must be achieve 35000, and have the 6 Class Military Rank Badge, only eligible to redeem the item pack

*Aviation will be given to the player, according job class.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The statistical time will be based on the Cubizone’s system time from 25 October 2010 (Mon), 12:00 (GMT+8) till31 December 2010 (Wed), 12:00 (GMT +8).
2. The Contest is open to all new FANTASIA new characters, Malaysia & international Cubinet Interactive ‘s Perfect World users during this Campaign Period.

3. ALL winners will be selected from the system ranking chart which would be known at the end of the event date & time.

4. Each account has only ONE chance of winning.

5. If player wins the Grand Championship for the Top 20 Leveller contest, he/she will not be selected to win the Each Job Top Leveller section. The following top leveller in the job category will be selected as the winner for Each Job Top Leveller contest.

6. If player wins the Each Job Top Leveller section, he/ she will not be selected to win the Top 20 Leveller ‘s consolation prizes. The consolation winners will be rewarded to the next ranked levellers.

7. All Cubits sponsored by OffGamers will be credited via Store Credits method. *

8. In event that winners do not response within 1 week, the other winners will be selected.

9. Players are not allowed to transfer rewards to other players or replaced by money.

10. If you use third-software, games loopholes, fraud and breach of the rules of the game will automatically cancel the entry requirements will not be notified at the same time also not subject to appeal.

11. Cubinet Interactive will reserve the rights to replace prizes of the same value to winners outside Malaysia and Singapore.

12. Cubinet Interactive shall reserve all rights to change/ cancel/ amend the event content without giving any prior notice, if any technical or unexpected problem occurs during the event.

13. Cubinet Interactive will not extend the event time or liable to any issues which players encounter such as being disconnected due to Internet connection problem. The event will proceed as scheduled and neither extension nor compensation will be awarded.

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