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Lepsi refine

Vytvořeno:24. 6. 2009, 15:44
Autor:Frcko Frco

i. 9 rules:
- (*)Best time for upgrading is from 4 AM to 9 AM (of course this is in-game time).
- Your computer must be stable with high speed connection.
- (*)Do upgrade when no one around.
- Before upgrading, you should relog game or restart computer.
- After each time upgrading, close upgrade dialog before doing next upgrade.
- If first upgrading is successful, you can do upgrade to next level. If not, wait til tomorrow.
- If first upgrading is failure, wait for 1 minute and do upgrade with 5th-level items or lower level items. Keep doing this until success then do upgrade with your items.
- Before upgrading shout "Buddha Amitabha" and kowtow 3 times, beg 9 times.(lolz)

(*): I tested those hints and i think they're ok, event in case of crafting items.

ii. Special NPC:
- If your guild own an area. Your guild chief will have income per week and the land lord (NPC) of this area will serve members of guild as a master with some special services including: make special support pills and give you better chance of success in upgrading equips at certain level. This is the list of NPCs in diffirent areas and certain level of equips they can help to increase chance of upgrading success. Here i list the cordinate of land lords in areas because maybe you all can be confused if i translate area name into English. Some areas Vi Tieu Bao did not mention yet, sure i will update later when i have time talking to him.

Ugrade to +1: (149, 960)
Ugrade to +2: (250, 974)
Ugrade to +3: (112, 306); (325, 973); (373, 763); (499, 963); (391,518)
Ugrade to +4: (539, 954); (210, 310)
Ugrade to +5: (666, 968); (581, 763); (430, 537)
Ugrade to +6: (119, 641); (275, 845)
Ugrade to +7: (645, 565); (372, 618); (332, 826)
Ugrade to +8: (183, 474); (422, 645)
Ugrade to +9: (216, 413); (677, 616); (564, 877)
Ugrade to +10: (126, 590)
Ugrade to +11: (206, 535)
Ugrade to +12: (236, 781)

Some nonsense stuff Vi Tieu Bao talked about.I tested some and update here for all who wanna try them, lolz.
- "Today, druggist at xxx town get drunk and he only sell goods at half price". lolz, i tried about 4 times and had to pay at full price.

- "Right now, if you do craft items at NPC xxx, you will have chance to show yourself" (???). I tried but nothing happened. ^^


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