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Happy One

Oficialní pravidla WC (world chatu)

Vytvořeno:6. 2. 2009, 11:35
Autor:Happy One
Anotace:ve hře

Greetings To All Perfect World Player ,

For Your Information .

How do I avoid been BAN or Mute?

Perfect World Online are based Free To Play game. And this will end up with a lot player from various country, culture and age. Hence, Cubinet Interactive Sdn Bhd will monitoring all the chat that been post on "Perfect World Online" World Chat.

1.Spam on World Chat with the same sentence more then 3 times will lead to;

Example: I love you Gena! 1, I love you Gena! 2, I love you Gena! 3

1.Mute for 2 hours
2.Mute for 1 days if repeated after the 1st punishment

2.Using Obscene or Vulgar word
Using short form or modified sentence that are offending other people such as;
fck, fuk, o0o, arse, b1tch, a$$hol3, n1gg4, c0ck, pu$$y

4.Religion or Religious
5.Discussing Disciplinary Actions
6.Impersonating as Cubinet Interactive
7.Real Life threats
8.Distribution of Real Life Personal Information
9.Sexual Preference
10.Ethnic or Racial Issue
11.Account Trading
Any person that are trading his/ her account will lead to an suspension action for 30days.
Open Stall to Sell ID
Shouting on World Chat to sell ID
Looking for New Owner/Master
Selling ID
Trading ID
12.Extreme Sexuality or Violence
13.Political issue

15.Other Language beside English
Online games do come from a lot player from various country and it comes with various mother tongue.
English is a main mother language for certain player, but Cubinet Interactive wish player to communicate by using English language on World Chat.

Regards ,


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