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Tip na lepsi drop

Vytvořeno:24. 6. 2009, 15:39
Autor:Frcko Frco

- Keep this in mind: the further the difference between your level and mobs/bosses' is, the lower the probability you can get materials/moulds from them.

- Acording to Vi Tieu Bao, if you kill mobs with skill which is incompatible with mobs, you'll have higher chance to get better items from mobs. For example, use Earth skill to finish Water mobs; use Wood skill to finish Earth mobs...

- There isn't any official way to get higher % but i have some notes for you to refer. Just check by yourself, i myself am not sure whether they work or not but i usually use them each time go hunting for materials or molds.

When the bosses nearly die, finish them with these notes:
+ Use highest "Limit Break" and strongest skills to finish them. Please make sure finish them in "Limit Break" effect time.

+ If bosses have level (don't laugh, because there're bosses don't show their level), only member of party whose level nearest to bosses' will be the one finish them.

+ If bosses don't have level (there's a "(?)" at the level text), the member who has highest dmg or highest level will be the one finish them. These bosses you can find in dusk palace.

- Another hint to get molds more frequently (made by Xiaoloui88)
+ lure boss as far as possible from it's spawn place (lure to dungeon boss is highest chance to drop ) = =

+ let the lowest lv team member last hit on boss, more chance to drop mold. ( highest chance if u using lv1 char...)

- And another (made by iver27)
what we do to have a higher drop rates from dungeon bosses.. let the party leader be the last hitter


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