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Discover the legendary game

Kdy:Pondělí 30. 5. 2022 – Pátek 30. 5. 2025
Kde:New York
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Minecraft is an open-world indie video game with a sandbox style, released in 2009 by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and later developed and published by Mojang Studio.
When you join Minecraft, you will be building a new world, a world made of blocks and your own imagination.
Minecraft is too famous for its own gameplay. So many different versions of it have been created, and Paper Minecraft is one of the most interesting. Although it is only a 2D version of the game Minecraft, it still has the same undeniable appeal as the original game that Mojang developed.
Minecraft is an open world, where you and your teammates are allowed to do everything you want. The ultimate goal is still to survive in the world we create ourselves. With 2 first and third-person perspectives, it is too full for the gaming experience. The button system is very easy to control similar to the original game.
We begin to build our own world by collecting resources, from basic resources like wood and iron to rare resources like diamonds. From the resources we earn, we use the magic we learn to create tools that serve the opposite of exploiting resources and building our base. We build houses, farms, and even livestock to sustain the character's life. You also need to prepare certain items to serve the long adventures of you and your teammates. These adventures are the main attraction of the game.
On the way to discover new lands, you will certainly experience the same feelings as Bear Grylls. Hunger, disease, helplessness in the dark or harsher than facing dangerous monsters like zombies or skeletons. You cross all kinds of terrain and weather from hot to icy, from lava-filled areas to arid deserts. Once you've gone through those dangerous moments, you see the moments of happiness. How precious it is to return to your headquarters. Going far away to return home, just like the adventurers shared. Enjoy a unique fun experience that no other game can give you. Don't forget to do it with your friends for an even more fun experience.

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Zadal:Tegan Papor, 30. 5. 2022, 4:55

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